19th October 2020

29 Oct – FREE Vectorworks webinar on intuitive design tools

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Free webinar: 11.00am, Thursday 29 October 2020. Book now.

 The new version of Vectorworks is out, and for the 2021 design and BIM software version there are some dramatic enhancements to the Vectorworks Landmark tools. The team will explore powerful new terrain modelling and planting tools in their upcoming webinar.

Vectorworks explains more about what to expect in this guest blog post.

More and more landscape architects are transitioning to working in 3D, a necessity for a BIM workflow but also a massive advantage for visualisation and inclusion. In the webinar, we’ll demonstrate how to build a terrain model from imported data, how to add things like buildings and existing structure, and how, with a few clicks, you can import a tree survey and populate the site with 3D trees that contain all the survey data. 

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use a few of our new features in a 3D workflow. We’ll cover manipulating the site, and look at an updated feature for 2021  the Grade tool  an enhanced way of creating connected grades. This tool will improve the control of levels and slopes immensely, both for the terrain modelling and for aligning hardscapes.  

We’ll also look at the revamped Landscape Area tool. This is now a fully parametric tool which uses true styles. Further, it makes it incredibly easy to make sweeping changes to the content of landscape areas over a whole project. You can swiftly replace one style for another or adjust the content of a style and then push it out to all instances in the file. We have also added things like dividers in the tags, so you can sort the displayed content, as well as a simplification tolerance control for irregularly curved areas. 

However, the most significant improvement and a considerable advantage for BIM is that landscape areas now can contain planting medium. You can specify what kind of soil or compost to use and to what depth, if you want mulch on the top, and even build up full profiles for roof or podium planting with everything from drainage board to waterproofing membrane. The Landscape Area tool talks with the site model and follows the surface contours and can create cut-outs in the site model, so you’ll get a correct cut and fill calculation straight out of the box! 

We’ve only touched on a fraction of what Landmark 2021 can do. If you want to know more, join us for the webinar, but don’t forget to log in to Vectorworks University and watch the new feature videos there as well. Lastly, visit vectorworks.net/2021 to learn more about our latest version.  

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