10th April 2021

Free GreenBlue Urban Webinar on Scaling SuDS Schemes – from microSuDS to Major Projects

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SuDS systems can work on practically any scale; from plot-level components like rainwater harvesting and green roofs, to very large schemes that include several SuDS systems working together. The impressive scheme in the Grangetown area of Cardiff is an excellent example, and one that GreenBlue Urban is proud to have played a part in.  

What options are available? Well, not all SuDS interventions have to be major. Small scale features are possible, for example bioretention rain garden systems that capture and cleans storm water providing amenity and biodiversity to new and existing spaces.  

The GreenBlue webinar “MicroSuDS – Saving Space and Money” hosted live on 23rd February detailed our latest solution the HydroPlanter  that can be retrofitted into highway schemes or developments of any size.  

The modular nature of the system means that it can be used on a single plot as a ‘microSuDs’ or combined to provide effective flood mitigation on highways or retrofitted into urban environments.  

Putting nature at the core of your drainage design strategy is key to adding value to any development projects. The solutions shouldn’t be restricted to holes in the ground. Trees play an important role in addressing flood risk.  What’s more, combining microSuDS with other SuDs structures greatly reduces the volume of water that needs to be attenuated. So, it’s a win-win for any developer who takes a creative approach proposed by a drainage engineer who ‘gets SuDs’  

Watch this webinar for a product demonstration and hear how GreenBlue Urban can enable your schemes a success with numerous case studies and testimonials from specifiers alike.  Click here to view.

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