1st July 2020

21 July – FREE Vestre webinar on sustainable approach to street furniture

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A message from Romy Rawlings, Vestre

We are proud to be one of the first sponsors of Campus and look forward to supporting this fantastic initiative over the coming months and years. This extensive LI resource will help to deliver one of our chosen United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – #4 Quality Education. This SDG has the aim of ‘ensuring inclusive and equitable education and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all’.

Through the content on Campus, in association with the LI’s commitment to CPD, we will support the education of landscape professionals globally at all stages of their career. The platform enables those who might otherwise find it difficult to engage with training because of geography, finance or other practical barriers, to take up a broad range of opportunities for education.

Our first webinar, on the 21st July at 11am, will be ‘A Sustainable Approach to Nordic Street Furniture with Vestre’. This is an overview of all aspects of sustainability in relation to the design, specification and manufacture of street furniture. The content encompasses a range of global considerations, including the UN’s SDGs, three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, economic) and resource use. It will then move to the technical details of selected materials and finishes, providing information that will educate on all aspects to consider when specifying with sustainability in mind. The webinar will encourage a shift in thinking, away from short term cost and carbon consideration, towards a longer-term view, in order to make real and lasting differences to address the climate crisis.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of the principles of sustainability and the urgent need to change the way in which we currently conduct business. This will be delivered by a company that has operated carbon neutral production for 10 years. Register for your FREE tickets to the webinar

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