21st March 2023

LI Webinar: Model like you’ve never modelled before. Presented by Vectorworks.

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The October webinar was, of course, dedicated to a look at all the new features of Vectorworks Landmark 2023. 

For the Landscape industry, this is probably the most exciting launch for many years. It includes so many new and improved tools that it’s easy to become a bit lyrical, at least for someone a bit of a nerd, like me. Let’s start with site modelling.

The site model has been remodelled from the ground up. Even if it looks pretty much the same as before, what’s happening behind the scenes has changed radically. 

On top of improved update speeds, this has also given us new ways of working with it. You can now nest grade limits inside other grade limits. This means that you don’t have to use 3D polys for TPZs and other area you want to protect form surface changes. You can still nest site modifiers, just like before, but they can now also overlap and sit exactly side by side. 

The site modifiers also have two new modes – Pathway mode and Aligned. The Pathway build on the principal of creating longitudinal and transverse profiles, making it super easy to specify slope and boundary. 

The Aligned mode allows you to create smooth transitions between planar pads, just like the aligned hardscape. Related to site modelling – you can now also send objects to the surface of not just the site model, but also of hardscape objects and landscape areas. 

Moving over to softscape, here we have the new Hedgerow tool. This allows you to specify mixed hedging in plants per linear metre, and by tying the quantities to linear units, you can still illustrate your hedgerow at mature spread, without the quantities changing. The hedgerow will also automatically follow the site model surface and create a single block hedgerow, perfect for IFC export. 

For illustrations, there is also a huge new feature – Laubwerk trees are now available in Vectorworks, and you can include them as part of your plant styles. There are several levels of detail included, so you can work with the most conceptual forms while developing the scheme – and then switch over to high detail for any illustrations.  

At Vectorworks, we’re constantly developing new features, but we’ve also started a project of looking at all the existing features to make them more streamlined for the industry. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you’d like to see included – new features or improved – please go to our public roadmap, https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap, and leave a comment. It’s only with a constant dialogue with all of you that we can keep developing the truly perfect software for the landscape industry. 

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