30th March 2020

Watch: Digital Integration and Transformation CPD

Campus Admin

If you missed out on the LI’s Digital Integration and Transformation CPD Day on 28 January 2020 in Bristol, you can catch key sessions on Campus catchup.

This rich and varied #LICPD day demonstrated how to best utilise new technology, respond to ever-changing client needs, and run efficient and sustainable businesses.

Sessions include:

  • Dan Hughes, on ‘Unpacking Proptech’
  • Dr Troy Innocent on ‘Creating a Playable City’
  • Zoe Banks Gross on ‘Digital Inclusion and the Democritisation of Data’
  • Jon Rooney and Thomas Roseblade on ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’
  • Romy Rawlings and Mike Shilton on ‘BIM and Climate Change’
  • Hugh Stanbury demonstrates Holotronica as part of his ‘Introduction to Display Technology’
  • Bill Blackledge on ‘ Visual Representation of Development Proposals: An Overview of TGN’
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