Future of London – Councils & the Climate Emergency Webinar

The climate crisis has never been better understood or caused more widespread concern. Businesses are analysing risks; children are on strike from school; ordinary citizens stand ready to face arrest for peaceful protest; and at least 26 of London’s boroughs, along with the GLA, have passed ‘climate emergency declarations.’ But what does that mean in practice? 

In this Future of London event we’ll be exploring what the climate emergency means for London’s built environment professionals. We’ll hear from public sector practitioners about their climate emergency initiatives (panel one), followed by responses from the private sector (panel two). 

Key themes: 

  • The scale of the challenge facing the public sector and its role as leaders and enablers 
  • Inspiring behaviour change and empowering communities 
  • Sharing expertise and working collaboratively: the role of the private sector 
  • Balancing short-term priorities with long-term aspirations and monitoring performance 
  • Driving behaviour change – both internally and beyond 

Part of Future of London’s major 2020 project Achieving Net Zero. 

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