Jellicoe Lecture 2019: Landscapes in Crisis

This year, the LI, IFLA, and hundreds of other professional bodies and local authorities have declared a climate emergency. Now we as a global profession must decide how we respond. 

Our Jellicoe 2019 debate, Landscapes in Crisis: Tackling the climate and biodiversity emergency , is devoted to this topic. 

We are in the largest crisis of any kind ever to face humankind. Declaring a climate emergency is a start, but delivering on the scale needed to avert the worst consequences is another prospect altogether. 

Is landscape doing enough to respond to the scale of the emergency? In the space of just over a year, the world has seen an unprecedented rise in civil disobedience and youth activism. How can we harness this momentum to enhance public engagement in the creation and stewardship of place? Can landscape design, planning and management be a tool for empowering communities as they encounter a growing wave of climate perils? 

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