LI North West: How do we strengthen recruitment into the Landscape Profession

Join us for an interactive evening, organised by the LINW in collaboration with the MMUI MSA landscape team, that is intended to raise and explore questions about attracting students but also about the wider relationship between practice and education in landscape architecture in the UK.

Guest speakers are:

  • Trudi Entwhistle: Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University and Practicing Landscape Architect and Artist
  • Neil Swanson: Director, Landscape Projects, and has lectured at MMU and Liverpool University

They will be considering how the relationship works from their own perspective and raising challenging questions about how it could be strengthened and enhanced.

These short talks will be followed by thematic discussions in breakout rooms around key questions.

  1. How can we attract more people to study the subject?
  2. Are our courses producing the right graduates?
  3. Are apprenticeships the only (or best) way for practices to contribute to the education of future landscape professionals?
  4. Would the profession benefit from a closer relationship between research and practice?

This will form part of a national discussion about education in landscape architecture, which will feed into a review about to be carried out by the Landscape Institute.

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