LI South East: Himalayas and Ecosystem Restoration

Join LI South East (LISE) for this special event with Dr Shalini Dhyani

Dr Shalini Dhyani is a Senior Scientist, CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute and South Asia Regional Chair for IUCN CEM.

This event will be hosted by LISE members Akash Wadhawan and Dr Debbie Bartlett, Professor of Environmental Conservation, University of Greenwich.

We will explore a small part of Himalayas from on our screens. To set the scene, Akash will present a brief slide show of his visits (in 2017 and in early 2020) to the Himalayas in the northern India. This will be followed by a presentation by Shalini on her work in the Himalayas.

Land degradation is a mega driver of ecosystems and biodiversity loss across Asia. Shalini will briefly provide some examples based on her work in the Himalayas and other forests on how anthropogenic pressure will worsen the issue in the warming world with a special focus on keystone forest species that provide benefits to local populations.

She will share her experiences of different models of restoration schemes, including her work with the UN decade on Restoration, focusing on climate sensitive restoration planning and need to include more hybrid approaches such as citizen science and AI in Asia and Africa .


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