LI Webinar: Managing Surface Water: Busting the Myths About SuDS and Demystifying Permeable Pavements

Sustainable Drainage Systems (or “SuDS”) have been around for over quarter of a century, however are still viewed by many designers as new or unproven concepts. As a result, these simple, highly effective and frequently cost-saving measures are often overlooked when designing new and retrofit water management schemes, meaning that the multiple benefits associated with these systems (such as improved air and water quality and wider biodiversity) are also missed.  

This session is intended to dispel some of the most common misunderstandings about SuDS and provide practitioners with the knowledge and evidence to confidently integrate these systems into their schemes. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the basic principles of SuDS and their position within a pragmatic water management hierarchy  
  • Understand how permeable paving works, and the principles behind designing a system  
  • Receive evidence to counter some of the most common excuses people use for not including SuDS on their schemes 

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