LI Webinar: Reducing landscape carbon

Reducing landscape carbon: Landscape design & management for a net zero environment

As we move towards a net zero world the way we design and manage our landscapes and cityscapes will need to change. We will need to use materials created with limited or no greenhouse gas emissions and find innovative ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

So, what is the role of landscape architects in creating low-carbon landscapes, and what work is required to meet the demands of net zero?

In this webinar, using the research undertaken to advise the Landscape and Carbon Report, landscape architect and author Claire Thirlwall CMLI will explore those questions.

Landscape and Carbon is a vital new report on carbon reduction in the UK landscape sector by the Landscape Institute (LI) and the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI). The report is a call to action for the entire landscape sector, and wider industry, to work together and use its combined skill and expertise to reduce carbon in landscape schemes and works.