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4. Green Recovery from COVID-19


During these uncertain times, what current efforts are we undertaking and how will economic policies impact Climate Change mitigation? This session will look at the argument from both national and local levels including debate around ‘A blueprint for accelerating climate action and a green recovery at a local level’.

4a. Can economic recovery be aligned with climate and biodiversity protection? – Dr Ashley Gorst, Vivid Economics
The session will review current efforts to achieve economic recovery in the  UK and internationally following the global pandemic. It will examine the actual and potential impacts that economic policies have on the environment and whether this have positively or negatively affected the chances of reaching climate and biodiversity goals.

4b. Tackling Climate and Biodiversity Emergency – Nigel Riglar, Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT)
The session will provide an overview of the work ADEPT is doing to support Local Authorities with an emphasis on the recently published ‘A Blueprint for accelerating climate action and a green recovery at a local level’. A series of asks of Government that were developed in partnership with local government organisations, academic bodies, and leading environmental NGOs. 

4c. What does a landscape-led green recovery look like? – Ben Brown, Landscape Institute
This session will present the Landscape Institute’s new ‘Greener Recovery’ paper, and explore what the landscape profession’s role can be in supporting a sustainable recovery from Covid-19.

4d.Panel discussion
Planning, designing and managing plant health through the lens of climate adaptation

Dr Ashley Gorst & Nigel Riglar & Ben Brown

Dr Ashley Gorst, Vivid Economics

Ashley Gorst is a Senior Economist at Vivid Economics, working on issues around biodiversity, climate change and land use. He has worked with clients including the UK’s Committee on Climate Change, the World Bank, the Greater London Authority and the UK Space Agency. He is skilled in the metrics and techniques used to assess the benefits and costs of land use change, and has worked on integrating natural capital approaches into decision-making in a number of settings. Ashley holds a PhD in Environmental Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Nigel Riglar, Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT)

Nigel Riglar joined South Gloucestershire Council in 2018 as Director of Environment and Community Services, leading the delivery of the Council’s place-based services. His previous roles include Commissioning Director for Communities and Infrastructure at Gloucestershire County Council and Deputy Chief Executive for Stroud District Council. Nigel was also responsible for setting up the Beacon Council  Scheme  for the Improvement & Development Agency. He is also the current President of the Association of Directors of Economy, Environment, Planning and Transport (ADEPT), an Honorary Member of the Faculty  of  Public  Health,  a Board  Member of Building with Nature and the Chair of Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust.


Ben Brown, Landscape Institute

Ben Brown is Head of Policy and Insight at the Landscape Institute. Ben heads the Institute’s policy team and its response to the climate emergency. Ben previously worked for Design Council CABE, the Arts Council, and the BBC, and as a researcher in international development and social enterprise.


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