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4. The Fourth Industrial Revolution


What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how could it shape our future environment? This session will uncover emerging technologies, posed to become embedded in our everyday lives – such as AI, 5G communications and new approaches to governance – and the impact this will have on the landscape profession in terms of planning, design and management.  

Learning outcomes 
  • What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how could it shape our future environment? 
  • The uses of emerging technologies, such as AI in landscape and environmental projects 
  • The future of AI and the landscape profession 

Jon Rooney CMLI and Thomas Roseblade CMLI

Jon Rooney is a Technical Director at AECOM, with specialist expertise in Green Infrastructure planning and management. He is a member of the Landscape Institute Technical Committee and the advisory panel which oversees the application of the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. At AECOM, Jon is innovation lead for landscape architecture, driving the transition to digital practice, remote data capture and immersive technologies. 

Thomas Roseblade is a Senior Landscape Architect at AECOM, specialising in landscape planning. Tom helped develop innovative systems for recording management actions in the field and has a keen interest in next generation technology applications in the landscape profession. 


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