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6. An Introduction to Display Technology with Holotronica


A short presentation and practical introduction to various holographic display technologies. Understand their implementation and limitations, and how these effects can create augmented environments for large audiences. 

Learning outcomes
  • An introduction to and basic understanding of the current technologies - including analogue/digital holography and live holographic effects, their implementation and their limitations.  
  • Uses of holographic effects
  • Using holographic effects to create augmented environments for large audiences.  
  • Importance of maintaining a social justice lens when working in the digital realm - a brief look at holographic resurrection and the use of real time avatars. 

Hugo Stanbury

Hugo is Operations Director and Holotronica Ltd and has been in the events industry for over a decade. Starting at one of the country’s oldest and best respected mixed discipline events companies, he cut his teeth as a Project Manager in Live Events. Working with Hologauze for the last three years and delivering jobs all over the world he has built the brand, diversified the offering and helped establish Holotronica as one of the world leaders for holographic display technology. 

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