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9. Integrating Surface Water Management into a Landscape Environment


Integration of surface water management into a landscaped environment should be designed at the early stages, to allow for consideration of the overall aesthetics. By keeping close to the surface, channel drains are an ideal solution as a conveyance to other SuDS elements, and the availability of different inlet grating styles allows the designer to choose whether to blend in or delineate the drainage in the hard landscape.

This webinar will demonstrate how ACO’s cloud based QuAD design software, used in conjunction with a surface visualiser, allows anyone, even without hydraulic expertise, to quickly and easily ensure that their landscape drainage will not only work well but will also look good.  

At the end of the session, attendees should understand:
  • How to carry out a quick and simple verification of hydraulic performance of surface drainage elements.  
  • How to use ACO’s surface and grating visualiser to change the aesthetics of hard landscaping.  

Dr David Smoker

David is the Technical Director at ACO Water Management. Throughout the world, the ACO brand is recognised as a leading supplier in the design, development and manufacture of surface water drainage systems. An extensive portfolio offers the market quality solutions for every application, including internal and building drainage, landscaping, sport facilities, retail, distribution centres, highways and airports as well as solutions for environmentally sensitive projects.

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