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Day 1. 8 Less talk, a little more action – time to embed the SDGs


This panel discussion explores the reality of not only implementing net zero but how sustainability can be ‘mainstreamed’ across development. With much talk around the race to net zero, social value, the SDGs and ESG, it is time to understand what the innovators in UK business are actually doing about it. The discussion will cover what UK business is actively doing to deliver net zero, right here, right now. You will learn how the UN SDGs can be incorporated into residential and commercial development. You will also understand the strategic and tangible steps to transition to net-zero, the innovation and economic opportunities derived from positive market disruption of mainstreaming sustainability in a post Covid environment. Including potential of sharing innovation and learnings, to achieve net zero and sustainable growth by 2030 & 2050.

Jason Longhurst, UK BCSD; Simon Cox, Pro Logis; Joseph Daniels, Project Etopia Group; Chair: Lise Benningen CMLI, Grant Associates

Jason Longhurst, UK Business Council for Sustainable Developmen

Chair and CEO of UKBCSD, Jason is also a NED advising Clean Growth and Sustainable Development SME innovation companies shaping Net-Zero and Green Economy in the UK. He held a number of Director/Board positions in both public and private sector organisations including regional development agency, county and unitary bodies, driving leading growth, investment and sustainable development projects.


Simon Cox, Prologis UK Limited

Simon Cox is Head of UK Project Management at Prologis. He is also UK Head Sustainability for the Solihull-based property company, directing strategy for sustainable development and overseeing the implementation of sustainable initiatives throughout the UK.


Joseph Daniels, Project Etopia

Joseph Daniels founded Project Etopia in 2015 at the age of 23 and is the CEO of Project Etopia Group. Motivated with a passion to make a difference his objective is to build the smart connected eco cities of the future that work towards solving the global housing crisis, whilst having a positive impact on climate change.

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This session will include a live case study with BDP and Timberplay discussing a recently completed new park in West Gorton, commissioned by Manchester City Council and the final piece in a £100m regeneration scheme of 500 new homes, new community facilities and school improvements.


Closing session by Jane Findlay CMLI, President of the Landscape Institute and Lise Benningen CMLI, Grant Associates

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