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Dya 2.7 SuDS – what is the Future Policy?


This session will uncover space between buildings on Stirling Award Winning housing scheme in Norwich.

Chair: Dr Wei Yang, President, Royal Town Planning Institute

Wei is the President of the Royal Town Planning Institute for 2021. She is a lead figure in researching, promoting, and implementing 21st Century Garden City approach worldwide. She has extensive experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams. Her professional strengths lie in combining innovative planning inspirations with feasible implementation solutions.


Speaker: Howard Gray, PR & Specification Consultant, GreenBlue Urban

Urban tree enthusiast, Howard Gray, has been closely involved in trees for most of his life. Howard feels passionately that we all are responsible to future generations to give them the quality urban canopy that we all enjoy and that all sectors of the industry need to work together to ensure this happens.


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