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LI Masterclass: Climate Change – Planting for a different world


As climate change becomes more chaotic, we need to consider which choices we make as practitioners around plant specifying.  These choices are pivotal when considering survival of plant species, mitigation of climate effects and carbon sequestration and the role plants will play in combatting Climate Change.   

Join our expert speakers led by Dr Noel Kingsbury for an interactive Masterclass experience where we will explore themes such as:  

  • Landscape plants – selecting for climate resilience and retaining ecosystem services;  
  • Key issues of planting for climate change;  
  • Climate change – fire and invasives and how do we research species for planting design?  

This masterclass will equip delegates with key skills and knowledge required to understand the effects of climate change on their plant choices.  It will explain the role of carbon sequestration and arm them with the knowledge to research the species we need to choose to both mitigate and adapt to Climate Change.   

Learning Outcomes: 
  • An examination of the challenges that a changing and more chaotic climate will mean for the plant choices of the landscape profession, 
  • An overview of the current state of knowledge about the impacts of changing climate on plants in designed landscapes and how this will impact plant selection -for survival, mitigation and carbon sequestration, 
  • Consideration of a range of other issues that will impact plants in designed landscapes and their relationship to the wider landscape, 
  • An emphasis on providing delegates with the opportunity to consider the ways the profession can help reduce climate change risks and to mitigate problematic outcomes. 

LI Masterclass Speakers:

 Guy Barker, Chief Horticulturist, Royal Horticultural Society

Guy is Chief Horticulturist at the RHS providing horticultural information to a wide range of audiences within and outside the RHS, being specially involved with the ‘Chelsea Living On’ where gardens from Chelsea Flower show find new homes in the community. Before that he ran the RHS Gardening Advice Service for 18 years after a period as a gardening journalist for Which? Gardening.

Dr Noel Kingsbury, Freelance designer, researcher and writer

Noel Kingsbury is internationally known as an innovator, writer and teacher in the fields of gardening and planting design. His 'New Perennial Garden' of 1994 helped launch the current wave of interest in naturalistic planting

design. His doctorate from the Landscape Department at Sheffield University looks at the ecology of ornamental plant competition.

Dr Ross Cameron , Director of Research, Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Sheffield

Ross Cameron is interested in urban ecosystem services, and how plant choice affects the type and extent of those services (benefits). He also investigates which plant taxa show greatest tolerance to stress and resilience within a changing climate.

LI Masterclass Partners:

James Hewetson-Brown, Managing Director, Wildflower Turf Ltd

James Hewetson-Brown is the Managing Director of Wildflower Turf Limited, the UK’s leading specialist supplier of Wildflower Turf used for landscaping and green roof projects. He has spent his working lifetime in agriculture and is a graduate of Seale Hayne Agricultural College. His strong interest in biodiversity led to the development of the concept of Wildflower Turf in 2003. Since then, James has conducted a significant amount of research into the establishment of wildflower landscapes in the built environment. James has a practical and pragmatic approach to his wild flower thinking. From gardens to civil engineering, he has helped develop many wild flower spaces giving him a unique insight into the realistic requirements for successful results. He conducts Open Days at the Wildflower Turf Nursery in North Hampshire and regularly gives presentations and talks on the subject to a wide variety of audiences.

Helen, Gillespie-Brown, Business Development Manager

Helen Gillespie-Brown is an expert in sustainable landscapes. Working for Wildflower Turf Ltd, the pioneer of the UK’s first, soil-less growing system for wildflowers, Helen has a practical and pragmatic approach to her wild flower thinking. Helen is an experienced trainer, regularly providing CPD sessions for landscape professionals. Her talks ignite excitement with the possibilities of using wildflowers as an instant solution to low maintenance, low cost, biodiverse landscapes. From community parks to highway verges, private gardens to filmsets, she has advised clients on a long list of impressive wild flower spaces giving her a unique insight into the realistic requirements for successful results. Committed to the landscaping fraternity she has furthered her knowledge with a Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Environmental Management and an RHS Level 2 Diploma in the Principles of Horticulture.


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