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LI Webinar: Biodiversity Net Gain: Policy update and the statutory metric


In this session, the Landscape Institute, in association with Natural England, provide an update on BNG policy and the mandatory requirement for BNG which went into effect from 12 February 2024.

They also look at the Statutory Biodiversity Metric and how it compares to Natural England’s Metric 4.0.

Nick White, Principal Advisor Net Gain, Natural England

Nick worked across Government (national and local), and with developers, NGOs and academia to advance policy, practice and standards around net gain (biodiversity, natural capital and environmental). The current focus of his work is on biodiversity net gain legislation, the biodiversity metric and biodiversity net gain standards and guidance

Clare Cashon, Senior Metric Specialist, Natural England

Clare is a Senior Specialist in Natural England working on the development and review of the biodiversity metric. Previously, Clare worked as an Ecologist where she used the biodiversity metric for a variety of development and nature conservation projects.

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