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LI Webinar: Design and build of inclusive and sustainable water attractions 


Established in 1966, Ustigate have specialised in the design and build of water features and aquatic play facilities for 55 years. This webinar takes you on an A – Z journey of what you need to know and think about when exploring the feasibility of an inclusive and sustainable water attraction. Water is one of the most valuable resources we have in life and our content includes information on water management and ways in which Ustigate design to conserve, recycle and repurpose. We look forward to sharing our intelligence and a variety of projects to deliver education and inspiring ideas. 


Learning outcomes:  
  • Feasibility and Sustainability  
Discover all the factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning to establish an inclusive water feature or aquatic play facility. This sections provides education on the various water management systems applicable to our projects and an insight into the technology and methodology behind our water conservation, recycling and repurposing.    
  • Inclusive Water Features   
For Ustigate, this section is a trip down memory lane and for the audience, it is an opportunity to discover a variety of water features already established and enhancing our living environment. This section will move from mock ups to realities with Ustigate sharing behind the scenes footage of their award winning design and build at Goodman’s Fields Horses. You will discover projects that promote biodiversity, human health and wellbeing and gather a great understanding of water feature types.     
  • Inclusive Aquatic Play  
There has never been a more important time for everyone to enjoy being active and aquatic play never fails to make all generations more active! Ustigate will share a selection of their aquatic play projects in the UK and discuss the importance of creating play areas for all ages and abilities. This section will touch on the benefits of aquatic play to childhood development, aided by ongoing and innovative product development. 


Lucy Pickford, Membership Marketing Manager, Landscape Institute

Lucy is Membership Marketing Manager at the Landscape Institute. She is currently leading on the LI’s revamped education and outreach programme, and marketing the new entry standards for landscape. Originally trained as a landscape architect, Lucy has since run SMEs in different sectors and countries before coming full circle back to the landscape profession.



Patrick Smith, Aquatic Consultant, Ustigate

Patrick’s career has been dedicated to the enhancement of green and blue infrastructure for twenty years. It is a career that began in the horticultural trade, working with scientists to produce award winning compost to promote thriving plants and led to Patrick working closely with Staffordshire University to evidence plants reduce particulate matter in our atmosphere and noise pollution. This peer reviewed research lead to several green living walls and roofs being established in Victoria, London; resulting in an end to localised flash flooding, cleaner air, a nicer and quieter Victoria environment and an award presented by Mayor of London Boris Johnson in 2012.

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