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LI Webinar: Nordic Life in Urban Spaces with Vestre


Vestre makes a plea for a more democratic and inclusive design philosophy that supports the creation of social meeting places at a time when they are much needed in our society.

Truly sustainable places embrace economic, environmental, and social aspects and these must be brought together in a holistic manner if they are to ever be successful.

Join the team for a consideration of how we might create more caring and supportive outdoor spaces for all members of society through a Nordic approach.

Delegates will understand:

  • How Nordic culture has evolved into globally revered Scandinavian design, including its permeation into the design of outdoor areas
  • The importance of the right to roam in Nordic countries and how this impacts on public realm design
  • The study of proxemics, including how the psychology of space, and the specification of outdoor furniture, can drive different behaviours

Romy Rawlings

Romy Rawlings is a Chartered Landscape Architect and UK Commercial Director for Vestre. Romy’s entire career has been based in the landscape sector, with the last decade or so spent working predominantly with manufacturers. Passionate about the impact of good design upon those using outdoor spaces, Romy strives to promote best practice in every aspect of her work and believes landscape architects are well placed to counter many of today’s global issues through their work. Romy is an active member of the Landscape Institute – an LI Ambassador, member of the Diversity & Inclusion working group, and ex Honorary Secretary.

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