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LI Webinar: The RootSpace Story, in conversation with Dean Bowie


We are often asked what is RootSpace and how did it come to market.   

Unsurprising, it starts with trees. It is difficult to imagine life without them, they are also complex organisms, interacting with their surroundings in many ways – the living lungs of the planet.   


This story (of soil cells) is 20 years young and during this presentation we will share the experiences, the exciting moments, the breakthrough events which led to the creation of the most advanced urban tree pit system available.    


Learning outcomes: 


  • Look at the forest floor environment which is where trees do best – healthy uncompacted soil.  Compared to the built environment where they are most needed for shade, water management, air quality and so many other ecosystem benefits.   


  • Head back to 1992 when formally known as Greenleaf, to the present day as innovation continues.  Hear an interview with our founder who experienced frustration with high mortality rates of newly planted trees, who then developed products to aide irrigation and root management to enable tree establishment.    


  • Look back at successful case studies, with extracts from clients and designers from across the globe.   


Andrew Halksworth, Tendercare Nurseries Limited & Dean Bowie, GreenBlue Urban & Howard Gray, GreenBlue Urban


Andrew Halksworth, Managing Director, Tendercare Nurseries Limited

A career spanning over 40 years in landscape design, contract management of exterior and interior landcape projects and as a horticultural professional having represented major European nurseries in the UK (van den Berk for 5 years, Lorberg since 2007). Owner and Managing Director of Tendercare Nurseries, growers and suppliers of mature and formal hardy plants.


Dean Bowie, CEO, GreenBlue Urban

Dean founded GreenBlue Urban Limited as Greenleaf in 1992. He is passionate about urban trees being given the best possible resources and environment in which to thrive and travels the globe propagating his enthusiasm to specifiers and local authorities. More recently, Dean has developed his expertise to integrate Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) technology with optimum Urban Tree Pit design, championing the movement into storm water management utilising urban trees.

Howard Gray, PR & Specification Manager, GreenBlue Urban

Howard Gray is the PR & Specification Consultant Team Leader for GreenBlue Urban. He has been planting trees in urban areas for over 40 years and is passionate about ensuring that every tree has the same opportunity of realising it's species potential. Understanding the many conflicts, both financial and engineering, with planting in our congested towns and cities, Howard works with designers and contractors to achieve the best result. Having worked on a number of SuDS schemes across Europe, Howard is uniquely positioned to present the GreenBlue Urban vision - enabling sustainable cities through the use of green and blue infrastructure.



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