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LI Webinar: The World According to BIM with Vectorworks


How can you best prepare yourself for moving to a BIM workflow? Join Vectorworks on this webinar and find out. The team will demonstrate how to set up your CAD environment to make the transition as smooth as possible.

This webinar will cover best practices and workflow for Georeferencing, templates, libraries, referencing and import/export – in short, all the not-so-exciting but oh-so-valuable parts of a successful project.

Expected learning outcomes from the webinar are:
  • How to work with GIS
  • Libraries – what is worth setting up and how they’ll same you aeons of time and grievance
  • Collaboration - project sharing, exports and referencing, how to set up the project from the start for effective collaboration

Katarina Ollikainen & Tamsin Slatter

Katarina Ollikainen, Landscape Industry Specialist

Katarina is Landscape Industry Specialist at Vectorworks UK and is involved in the continuous work on BIM implementation. The main focus is on collaboration and workflows – how to exchange information in the most effective way with all parties involved; how to use it when communicating with clients. Katarina also worked as Senior Designer for Ann-Marie Powell Studio for 5 years, where she developed the studio’s workflow and introduced new ways of working with and sharing data in the design process.

Tamsin Slatter, UK Director of Customer Success, Vectorworks

Tamsin is UK Director of Customer Success at Vectorworks, covering training and customer support. After a 20-year career in corporate IT (working for IBM and Oracle), Tamsin retrained in landscape design. After starting her own small practice, her love affair with Vectorworks software began. Tamsin was soon in demand training other designers and enabling them to work smarter. Tamsin was soon asked by Vectorworks, Inc. to write a book on the software’s Landmark version for landscape designers - which is now in its seventh edition. Tamsin and her husband Adrian’s business was acquired by Vectorworks in 2017 to form the first direct Vectorworks office outside the US.

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