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2. Plant Health: all you need to know


The international plant trade means that the number of pests and diseases threatening the UK plant trade is increasing. But legislation and enforcement cannot provide a total solution. Discover how individuals and industry can – and must – work proactively and in partnership with plant health services to protect the UK’s biosecurity through responsible sourcing, regulatory knowledge and up-to-date information on current threats.

Key learning outcomes:
  • Understand why plant health and biosecurity is important and learn about recent developments.
  • Recognise pests and diseases that are present in the UK or may be soon.
  • Understand the role individuals and businesses need to take in responsible sourcing.

Helen Long

Helen Long is Senior Plant Health and Seeds Inspector for the Animal & Plant Health Agency. Helen completed the RBG Kew Diploma in Horticulture, where she remained as Quarantine Officer for several years. She then worked as a Plant Health & Seeds Inspector for DEFRA for 8 years, which included work on Oak Processionary Moth. Helen has been working for APHA for 5 years, specialising in surveillance and eradication, and more recently, Xylella planning and preparation for outbreak response.

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