21st October 2021

Foundations in School Grounds Design

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Are you a designer who would like to work with schools?

Perhaps you specialise in one aspect of design but would like to help schools fit this into the wider context of their grounds, learning and play?

Or maybe you are a student designer and interested in working with schools in the future?

The Foundations in School Grounds Design course will introduce you to the methods and principles for school grounds design and an understanding of why good school grounds matter.

You will be introduced to the LtL process of change and the range of topics that you will need to consider when working with schools. It will inspire you to develop your practice through national and international examples of great school grounds design and use.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • Why school grounds matter
  • The LtL Process of change
  • Working with schools – including engaging pupils
  • The formal curriculum
  • The informal curriculum
  • The hidden curriculum
  • Connecting children with nature
  • Designing for the 21st century
  • Images to inspire

Find out more: https://www.ltl.org.uk/outdoor-learning-event/foundations-in-school-grounds-design-landscape-institute/


Our next live Campus webinar on the 22nd of June will focus on the celebration of the increased establishment of trees in the urban environment using soil cells, sometimes known as crate systems or pavement support systems.

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