1st April 2020

Welcome from Dan Cook, LI CEO

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Welcome to Campus, from the LI CEO, Dan Cook

I have long been interested in how the future of work is changing in light of fast-changing global drivers and trends spanning environment, society and technology. In a past role, my work helped create this film which highlights these major drivers and trends. Although it was created a few years ago, the main points are still very relevant today.

Around the world and across almost every sector, more creative and people-oriented skills are expected to be in ever-greater demand – with some repetitive, task-based roles disappearing or being done using more automation. This means that, for most of us, there needs to be a commitment to lifelong learning of different skills.

This year’s ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’ report from the World Economic forum sets this out in detail. They believe that creativity and empathy will be just as important as AI and they highlight seven ‘Professions of the future’, including Green Economy roles.

It is clear that we are at a moment when those, like landscape professionals, who are at the nexus between nature, people and places, will be in great demand to respond to our climate and biodiversity crises. Over the next few years you can expect to see greater attention to these green jobs of the future. We are already seeing the rising importance of digital practice, community engagement, co-design, natural capital, place management, horticulture and parks management -alongside our traditional fields spanning landscape architecture, planning, management, science and urban design.

As an organisation, the Landscape Institute is moving beyond technical skills to also focus on the human and professional skills which we see this as business critical for the landscape sector. (You can watch sessions from our first Human Skills CPD Day  on Campus)

Regardless of the pace of change, learning new skills will be critical for all. When I started as CEO at the LI, I encouraged all our major events and CPD days to be filmed and now we are bringing that together to offer a learning hub for landscape. We wanted to make it accessible, inclusive and affordable, so we have priced a one-year subscription at around the same price as attending one of our full day in-person events.

As you start to use Campus, do contact us to suggest new content. We are also open to partnership working if you would like to have us host your quality CPD and training content here. Over time we are keen to grow the diversity of subjects and also material from countries all around the world so that Campus can be a place for landscape professionals everywhere.

Enjoy your time online with us!

Dan Cook

CEO, Landscape Institute

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