The Human Element: Essential people skills for the landscape practitioner

Human skills are an intrinsic factor for professional and personal success. But despite this, they are often overlooked in continuing professional development. This event is designed to give a crucial skills-boost to everyone, in all disciplines and at all levels of seniority.

  • Level up your leadership skills: tackle inequality and bias through targeted initiatives, learn the keys of organisational wellbeing, and implement effective team working
  • Keep stakeholders on side: Learn about top-tier engagement planning, analysis, objective-setting, methodology and assessment
  • Master powerful human-centred marketing: Identify your clients’ needs, handle conflicts, stand out from the competition and retain customer loyalty
  • Community engagement with meaning: Empower local people to transform their environment, turning community ideas into fundable propositions
  • Lead positive change: Understand the different universal influencers of behaviour and identify and avoid ethical issues
  • Build your brand: Maximise your reputation, sharpen your image and attract the right networks
  • Network like a pro: Harness the power of face-to-face and social media networking to generate the opportunities that will take your career to the next level


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