Consultation webinar: Landscape Character Data

In December 2020, the Charlotte Williams (AECOM) as part of the Landscape Institute Spatial Data Group initiated a project to review publicly available landscape character assessment information and seek to provide a single resource that will be of benefit to many environmental professionals.  

This has been carried out in the past to differing levels of detail, including the former Landscape Character Network, but the information is inconsistent and not easy to access.  

The project prompted interest from a range of volunteers in several different practices and is supported by public bodies that share the benefits this resource will provide.  

The volunteer and stakeholder team, led by Charlotte Williams (AECOM), has been meeting monthly since January 2021 to develop the resource. 

A Consultation document has been produced and a Publication version will be available in Summer 2022. 

  • Understand the project including its background and benefits to the profession. 
  • Understand how members, local authorities, stakeholders etc. can contribute to the resource. 
  • Understand the future aspirations of the project. 

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