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Consultation webinar: Landscape Character Data


In December 2020, the Charlotte Williams (AECOM) as part of the Landscape Institute Spatial Data Group initiated a project to review publicly available landscape character assessment information and seek to provide a single resource that will be of benefit to many environmental professionals.  

This has been carried out in the past to differing levels of detail, including the former Landscape Character Network, but the information is inconsistent and not easy to access.  

The project prompted interest from a range of volunteers in several different practices and is supported by public bodies that share the benefits this resource will provide.  

The volunteer and stakeholder team, led by Charlotte Williams (AECOM), has been meeting monthly since January 2021 to develop the resource. 

A Consultation document has been produced and a Publication version will be available in Summer 2022. 

  • Understand the project including its background and benefits to the profession. 
  • Understand how members, local authorities, stakeholders etc. can contribute to the resource. 
  • Understand the future aspirations of the project. 

Chris Bolton, Principal Specialist, Natural England

Chris Bolton has extensive experience in the preparation and use of landscape character assessments for landscape management and landscape planning purposes, and has been closely involved with the development of National Character Area profiles, including their use in monitoring landscape change in England.

Charlotte Williams, Senior Landscape Architect, AECOM

Charlotte is a Senior Landscape Architect with experience in private practice. She has expertise in landscape and visual impact assessment and has worked on a range of sectors including residential, infrastructure and renewable projects. Charlotte is a committee member on the East of England Landscape Institute Branch and is a member of the Landscape Institute Digital Practice Group and Spatial Data Group.

John Briggs, Specialist Advisor: Landscape, Natural Resources Wales

22 years post CMLI public-sector practice in Scotland and Wales, currently providing landscape and seascape evidence, guidance and advice to Welsh Government, Local Planning Authorties and others as part of Wales's single environmental body. Project lead or author for Wales's seascape assessments, National Landscape Character Areas and recently authored guidance on landscape sensitivity assessment for Wales. Enjoying life exploring Wales's varied landscapes.

Jonathan Dix, Landscape Senior Advisor, Natural England

I worked through the 1990s and early noughties in London and the Midlands as a Landscape Architect both in the public and private sectors, before working on the management and restoration of the Grade II listed Hungerhill Gardens in Nottingham. I came to work for Natural England in 2009 as the East of England Landscape Specialist. Now in a national team I am currently working on a project that is refreshing and digitising the National Character Area Profiles as well as considering possible extensions to the Surrey Hills and Chilterns AONBs. Rural Suffolk has been my home for over 30 years. The landscape, nature of the east of England is in my blood. I thoroughly enjoy working with people from all aspects of life and get great satisfaction from working to protect and enhance the natural environment and inspiring others to do the same.

Jon Rooney, Associate Director, Arup

Jon specalises in strategic scale landscape planning and management, with a particular focus on plan making and major infrastructure. He was the lead author of the Landscape Institute's Infrastructure, Townscape and Neighbourhood Planning technical guidance notes. In his role at Arup, Jon links evidence based, landscape-led design with the assessment process, working with client teams and stakeholders to embed green infrastructure principles in policy and development. Landscape character assessment is a critical tool in this process. Jon is a member of the Landscape Institute Technical and Research committee and Advisory Council.

Laura Campbell, Landscape & Greenspace Manager, NatureScot

Following a post-graduate degree in landscape architecture I worked in private practice before moving to NatureScot. Since then I have worked on landscape character assessment, leading on revised coverage for Scotland in 2019. I helped set up our landscape monitoring programme. For several years I have been involved in developing landscape guidance on various topics, recently including local landscape designations, jointly with Historic Environment Scotland, and on landscape sensitivity assessment. I am currently a member of the Landscape Institute’s GLVIA panel.

Tony Williams, Principal Landscape Architect, Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Tony is Principal Landscape Architect at Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). He is a graduate of Natural Science (Moderatorship in Botany) from Trinity College Dublin and holds a Masters in landscape Architecture from University College Dublin. He is currently engaged in a research PhD programme (4th year) in Natural Science (Botany) on implementation strategies for the design, construction and management of Nature-based Solutions.

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