LI Webinar: Improving Digital Collaboration between Landscape Architects and Ecologists

This webinar focuses on digital tools and workflows that can enhance the collaboration between landscape architects and ecologists.

Utilising a case study and a habitat-rich landscape project, explore how file exchange can be optimised and investigate effective ways to create planting plans for biodiversity enhancement purposes.

Following the standard project delivery, there will be an emphasis on data and the difference that GIS and import/export capabilities make for landscape professionals and their design decisions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insight into digital workflows that can help you to optimise project deliverables for better collaboration with QGIS users.
  • Explore digital tools and naming conventions that can help you to create planting
  • Learn about the data difference in Vectorworks and explore the import/export options, GIS capabilities and features that help your communication with ecologists.

This webinar is accepted as part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required to be completed by LI members and is aligned with our competency framework, in particular the competencies of:

  • Digital practice
  • Digital technologies
  • Landscape construction (materials and systems)

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