LI masterclass:  Climate Change – Planting for a different world

As climate change becomes more chaotic, we need to consider which choices we make as practitioners around plant specifying. These choices are pivotal when considering survival of plant species, mitigation of climate effects and carbon sequestration and the role plants will play in combatting Climate Change.

Join our expert speakers led by Dr Noel Kingsbury for an interactive Masterclass experience where we will explore themes such as:

Landscape plants – selecting for climate resilience and retaining ecosystem services; Key issues of planting for climate change; Climate change – fire and invasives and how do we research species for planting design?

This masterclass will equip delegates with key skills and knowledge required to understand the effects of climate change on their plant choices. It will explain the role of carbon sequestration and arm them with the knowledge to research the species we need to choose to both mitigate and adapt to Climate Change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An examination of the challenges that a changing and more chaotic climate will mean for the plant choices of the landscape profession,
  • An overview of the current state of knowledge about the impacts of changing climate on plants in designed landscapes and how this will impact plant selection -for survival, mitigation and carbon sequestration,
  • Consideration of a range of other issues that will impact plants in designed landscapes and their relationship to the wider landscape,
  • An emphasis on providing delegates with the opportunity to consider the ways the profession can help reduce climate change risks and to mitigate problematic outcomes.

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This masterclass relates directly to the following LI competencies:

  • Habitats & Species
  • Planting and Horticulture
  • Sustainability and Climate Resilience

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