LI Masterclass: LVIA Basics, Legals, Principles and Process

The purpose of this CPD training is to provide an introduction to the LVIA process and will be presented by some of the leading LVIA practitioners in the UK. The morning session will initially set the wider planning assessment context and explain the legal framework within which LVIAs are undertaken. This will be followed in the afternoon by an overview of the principles and process of landscape and visual assessment. The afternoon session will combine formal teaching with breakout sessions where delegates will apply what they have learnt to a variety of practical situations. At the end of the session delegates should have a basic understanding of LVIA process and the legislation surrounding it.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the purpose of LVIA
  • Explain the difference LVIA undertaken as part of the formal EIA process and non-statutory LVA
  • Justify which approach is suitable for a particular project
  • Recall the legal framework for LVIA
  • Understand how LVIA fits into the wider EIA process
  • Discuss the implications of Brexit on the EIA process
  • List the different steps in the LVIA/ LVA process
  • Explain why landscape and visual assessments should be undertaken separately
  • Discuss the difference between impacts and effects and the context in which they should be used
  • Recognise the key landscape and visual issues related to the development
  • List the steps required to undertake the LVIA/ LVA
  • Explain whether they think the development requires LVIA as part of the formal EIA process or non-statutory LVIA
  • Recognise whether the assessment broadly conforms to good practice guidance (such as GLVIA3)
  • Identify whether the judgements on sensitivity and magnitude have been clearly defined
  • Have thresholds for significance been clearly defined
  • Appreciate the value that new technology is bringing to LVIA/ LVA
  • Discuss the situations where the use of such technology would be beneficial

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