LI Webinar: An Introduction to Neurodiversity

Join us for this exciting one-hour webinar where Steven Ingram, founder of Neurodiversity Together, will share invaluable insights about neurodiversity and leave you with a greater understanding as well as some things you can do at work, on projects or in landscapes to become more neuro-inclusive.

This webinar is aimed at all Landscape Institute members and non-members who want to learn more about neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is a topic being discussed more and more, yet the commercial and cultural benefits are often misunderstood and not realised.

During this webinar, Steven will address this and more, through discussing a range of topics including:

  • Learn what neurodiversity is, looking at definitions and experiences from a range of people, including neurodivergent people, parents of neurodivergent children and managers or colleagues.
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of neurodiversity at work.
  • Consider approaches you can use in your day-to-day work.

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