LI Webinar: Biodiversity Net Gain for small sites and the statutory small sites metric

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) became mandatory for small developments on 2nd April 2024. In this webinar you will learn what is required for a landscape architect to be deemed competent and complete the Small Sites Metric.

Essentially, for residential development, a small site means a development with fewer than 10 houses on less than one hectare of land.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what Biodiversity Net Gain is and how it relates to other legislation and to small developments.
  • Know how to complete the Statutory Small Sites Metric (SSM) and Habitat Management and Monitoring Plan (HMMP) for small sites.
  • Know the competency requirements for the SSM and when a Landscape Architect can complete the process.
  • Be aware of the market for biodiversity units and the process for buying off-site units when BNG cannot be delivered on-site i.e. within the red line boundary of the planning application.

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