LI Webinar: Creating Climate resilient spaces

The latest State of the UK Climate Report makes it clear that increasingly frequent extreme weather events are set to become the norm. In the last decade alone, the UK experienced 9% more rainfall than in any period since the 1960s. And moving forwards, according to climate projections, we’re expected to see even wetter winters and drier summers. So where does this leave us when it comes to designing climate resilient spaces? And how can we mitigate potential damage and build in resistance to the effects of a fast-changing climate?

This session focuses on the key impacts for our urban spaces, and explores potential solutions to help us design and build tomorrow’s cities, protecting critical infrastructure, buildings and public realm places.

There will be a specific focus on:

– The likely impacts of climate change, and how we best measure the effects

– A mitigation measures overview

– Potential adaptation solutions for both excess rainfall and excess heat – from carbon sequestration to rainwater harvesting

What you will learn:

  • Overview of climate change mitigation & adaptation measures for landscape design
  • Close up on catastrophic flooding solutions
  • Key design considerations for managing the urban heat island effect

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