LI Webinar: Future-proofing historic public parks and green spaces

Image credit: © Historic England Archive

The Series:

In partnership with Historic England and Green Flag Award, the Landscape Institute (LI) hosted a webinar series about the design, management and maintenance of historic public green spaces and parks. The three webinars explored our the context of public park and green space heritage and its green infrastructure role; restoration, stewardship, collaboration and future-proofing.

This Session:

Looking ahead, the third webinar will be looking at planning and designing resilience and future-proofing. The speakers will be drawing on their own experience to share thoughts on the importance of these historic public parks and green spaces as part of green infrastructure; climate change adaptation and mitigation; nature recovery; and health and well-being.

Hosted by Green Flag Award, speakers will include representatives from LUC, HTA & South Derbyshire District Council .

Learning outcomes:

    • Creative problem solving – Identifying issues, challenges, and opportunities relating to landscapes and/or places and develops and implements effective solutions using initiative and creativity.
    • Sustainability, climate and resilience – Applying the principles of social, economic, environmental sustainability to historic public parks and green spaces projects; and ensure they thrive into the future.
    • Understanding parks management – Introduction to the importance of historic urban green spaces and their many roles (ecological, economic, socio-cultural and heritage) and their wider strategic and functional roles as well as site specific management issues; and balancing of political, societal and environmental needs with the resources available.

Please note, these Learning outcomes are linked to the LI Competency Framework and are level D understanding. LI Competency Framework.

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