LI Webinar: Local or global materials sourcing – the power of choice, presented by Hardscape

At this webinar Hardscape will explore the pros and cons of local or domestic paving material supply and sourcing, and discuss the parameters and influences of specifying materials from UK, Europe and globally with particular emphasis on:  


  • Short-term and long-term lead times 
  • Setting the right volumes required  
  • Larger projects that may have phased plans for further development 
  • Supplier relationship and trust 
  • Green at the expense of cost and supply 
  • The Rock Cycle – Different stone types/geologies have different sizing limiting factors 
  • Material embellishments to be factored in 


Hardscape will debate how working together can save time and energy when sourcing local, European or global materials for scalability to suit specific project requirements. Striking a balance between sustainable high and low volume amounts with cost variables for sourcing and transportation and how pre-management and geological knowledge can influence decision making in the pursuit of British or imported paving materials for your next public development or large domestic project. 


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