LI Webinar: Materials Matter: A guide to specifying for more sustainable outcomes

Right now, in the midst of a climate emergency, we all need to understand the potential impact of our work on the environment. As the concept of sustainability has finally taken root and gained momentum over the past few years, the outlook in our sector is much brighter. But do you really understand your specification choices and how they affect a project’s outcome?

This presentation will consider the environmental impact of the materials selected for outdoor furniture. It will set out key details for the most commonly used materials so that specifiers might better understand and measure the impact of their choices.

Learning outcomes:

  • Consider the importance of whole life carbon – both embodied and in-use – when selecting suitable products and materials.
  • Understand the importance of performance specifications for hard landscape products so that like-for-like comparisons can be made and specs defended.
  • Appreciate the value of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) as a reliable and easily understood way to determine a product’s impact.

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