LI: Webinar Urban reforestation as effective climate change mitigation

Wide-ranging presentation covering urban tree planting, sustainable drainage systems and green wall planting specifically designed to not only help adapt to climate change but to create safer, cleaner, and healthier towns and cities for future generations. 

Species choice, best practice planting methods and incorporation of sustainable drainage systems open new possibilities that will enhance our towns and cities, making them resilient, future-proofed, and simply more pleasant.  

Urban biodiversity will also be covered in this session – a matter of concern to many local authorities who desire to re-wild our towns, bringing in flora and fauna that may have flourished in the past, but have been reduced by the removal of natural habitat. 

Learning outcomes: 

  • Understanding  different tree planting methodologies, and how effective they are  
  • Importance of retro-fitting SuDS systems which are multi-functional to make urban areas resilient  
  • Alternative  ways to green screen vertical walls, and the advantages to the built environment  

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