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1. Social Media Marketing – Making it deliver


Explore the ins and outs of social media marketing. Utilise industry news to increase your voice, and build community engagement to grow your reach. Get tips on how to create content on the job and the ways that social media publishing and analytics tools can make your life easier.

By the end of the session you'll learn:
  • How to build your social media activity by posting engaging content that doesn't take hours to create
  • What is online advocacy and how you can build this using your social media channels
  • How to develop your online presence as a thought leader and which social channels to use

Fern Eyre Morgan

Fern has had over 13 years experience as a leader in digital marketing across Asia, the Middle East, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.  She has achieved success for Global companies where she has developed and delivered digital strategies to increase revenue and bottom line. Fern has developed successful Social Media campaign strategies for many well-known brands including Norwegian Airlines recent pilot recruitment drive. Fern is now the Founder and Managing Director of FEYM Digital. She also works as a board advisor to companies worldwide.

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