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2. Using 3D Technology in the AEC Sector


Technology is changing the world of design. From 3D printing being used as a design tool for architects, to hybrid models, where 3D printing complements traditional model making, to AR and VR, how can modern techniques reduce cost and timescales?

This session demonstrates

  • Interaction with 3D printed models.
  • How 3D laser scanning works and the relevance to BIM workflows
  • Pre-construction scans and as-built site validation
  • Introduction to augmented and virtual reality
  • Site safety through the use of AR and VR

Kadine James and Troy Hayes

Kadine James is a learner, maker, innovator and 3D technology enthusiast. She is Hobs studios 3D Tech Lead, and is a prominent UK3D Tech and Women in 3D Tech Evangelist. Combining 5+ years' experience in VR, AR, 3D and 3D printing, she's driven by big ideas, a global mindset and empowering the use of 3D technology in art and architecture.

Troy Hayes (BS, MS, AICP, MRTPI) is Founder & Managing Director at Troy Planning + Design. He is an urban planner with extensive strategic planning experience in the public private and research sectors in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Troy has a passion for innovation in urban planning and is regularly invited to speak on the topics of digital planning and using virtual reality for planning projects.

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