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10. Digital Futures: Good and Bad – Part 2


Jo will uncover research she has led for the NavSta app – a collaborative project with Transport for London (TfL), Transport Systems Catapult and Open Inclusion. She will also look at digital aspects of community engagement and impart her approach to connecting people with nature.

Jo Morrison

Jo is Director of Digital Innovation and Research at Calvium and works at the intersection of research, design and business. Focusing on digital innovation, she creates and delivers successful strategies and projects to maximise impact, accelerate growth and create rich customer experiences across a range of sectors - including the built environment, the creative and cultural industries and education. Discovering the opportunities and value that bespoke digital placemaking affords clients involved in large scale urban developments is a core area of Jos work - with the aim of creating more pleasurable, sustainable and citizen-centred future cities. 

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