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11. Digital Futures: Good and Bad – Part 3


Neil Davidson introduces, an app that measures people’s experience of urban or rural living, and its impact on mental wellbeing.

Neil Davidson

Neil Davidsonis a landscape architect who is a partner of J & L Gibbons and director of Landscape Learn. He trained at Edinburgh College of Art.He has led on projects that include sub-regional strategic plans and urban regeneration frameworks, to public parks and higher education projects. Neil is a founder of Urban Minda cross-disciplinary project investigating how the urban environment affects mental wellbeing.Neil maintains strong links with education. He led a diploma unit at the Architectural Association and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Cambridge, CASSEdinburgh College of Art and has lectured internationally. Neil is a Built Environment Expert for CABE at the Design Council, a member of the Lewisham Design Review Panel and a trustee of the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust. 


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