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10. Panel discussion: Maintaining value for people


This session includes 5 thought-provoking presentations about how to maintain value and wellbeing for people, followed by a panel discussion.

  • Jeanette Emery-Wallace – Natural, active childhoods: Reconnecting our urban children with nature, through play
  • Alison King – All the benefits of outdoor play: measuring the impacts of good design on health and wellbeing
  • Miriam Weber – Case Study of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Roo Angell – Empowering landscape in Deptford
  • Helen Noble – The South Pennines Regional Park


Jeanette Emery-Wallace, Alison King, Miriam Weber, Roo Angell, Helen Noble

Jeanette Emery-Wallace is Director of Landscape Architecture at LUC

Alison King is Principal Landscape Architect at LUC

Miriam Weber is Senior Healthy Urban Living and Resilience Advisor, Utrecht, Netherlands

Roo Angell is Co-Founder, Sayes Court Garden CIC

Helen Noble is CEO of Pennine Prospects

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