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11. Panel Session: Fostering Competition and the Long-Term Value of Landscape


This session covers issues around fostering competition and the long-term value of landscape.

Montserrat Prado starts the session with a thought-provoking presentation about urban landscape studies in Barcelona, followed by a panel discussion on broader issues around place making and value:

  • How does landscape contribute to place competitiveness?
  • How much is the idea of authenticity part of the concept of value of landscape?
  • Are there examples of valuation for landscape interventions or similar project?
  • From a place management viewpoint, what would be an ideal team to work on the value of landscape?
  • How can work on landscape interventions engage citizens and local communities?

Montserrat Prado, Simon Quin, Julia Giorgio, Ares Kalandides

Montserrat Prado is Head of Restoration at the Urban Institute, Barcelona City Council

Simon Quin is Co-chair at the Institute of Place Management

Julia Giorgio is Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano

Ares Kalandides is Director at the Institute of Place Management

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