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13. Panel discussion – Reflections: Creating a new type of value for the future (Part 1)


This session explores issues of looking ahead and creating value for the future:

  • Suzanne O’Connell – the Decorators: Architecture, landscape, interiors and psychology
  • Professor Antje Stokman – Creating a new kind of value through our profession: Towards better leadership, more inspiration, and increased impact
  • Joris Voeten – Impact? Starts with us

Suzanne O’Connell, Professor Antje Stokman, Joris Voeten

Suzanne O’Connell is Landscape Architect at The Decorators

Professor Antje Stokman is  Professor of Architecture and Landscape at HafenCity University, Hamburg

Joris Voeten is Senior Urban Green Space Engineer at Urban Roofscapes

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Adam White’s presentation on ‘Ideas for the future’ is followed by his closing remarks about Day 1 of Valuing Landscape Conference 2018.

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