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19. The Value and Impact of Planning


This session explores the value of landscape and planning, presenting viewpoints from 4 speakers:

  • John Acres – Valuing environment and landscape within planning
  • Dr. Deb Upadhyaya – Landscape value: The impact of planning
  • Ramunė Sanderson –  Landscape in Lithuania: Ways to address today’s challenges
  • Simon Coop – Valuing landscapes: A planning perspective

John Acres, Dr. Deb Upadhyaya, Ramunė Sanderson, Simon Coop

John Acres is President of the RTPI

Dr. Deb Upadhyaya is Specialist, Homes England and Board Director, the Academy of Urbanism

Ramunė Sanderson is Principal at Terra Firma LT

Simon Coop is Planning Director at Lichfields UK

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