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5. The future of design will be immersive


Virtual and Augmented Reality has the potential to change the way we interact and think about spatial design. In this talk Johan and Pieter will take us through the brief history of digital design tools, and show how computational design, building information modelling, game technology and virtual reality affected the modern architectural practice. Immersive technologies allow us to simulate new interactions with our 3D media, a demo of ArchiSpace gives us a glimpse on how it can be used as a more immersive way to design our future surroundings.

Johan Hanegraaf and Pieter Hoen

Johan Hanegraaf is a Design Technology Specialist at Mecanoo architecten and combines his degrees in engineering, architecture, and computer science to push the limits of today's digital design tools. He is actively promoting, teaching and developing new workflows for emerging technologies. With his latest creation ArchiSpace, Johan tries to bridge the gap between computation and intuition by connecting BIM to a virtual reality modeling environment.

Pieter Hoen is an Urban Designer at Mecanoo architecten working on a variety of scales ranging from graphic design, architecture, landscape and urban design. In his previous experience at West 8, Pieter specialized in 3D design, coding, web development and parametric modeling. Together with Johan Pieter found mecanoo's digital team where he is actively developing new tools like our online platform to share VR content.

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