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6. Infrastructure as Ecology (Part 3)


Professor Yufan Zhu discusses ‘Jade reclaiming: Design concept and de-enzyming of the quarry garden in Shaghai Chenshan Botanical Park’.

Professor Yufan Zhu

Professor Yufan Zhu is the Executive Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture, at Tsinghua University, China since 2000 after his post-doctor research. 1999. His research and teaching interests include the history and evolution of Chinese and modern Western landscape architecture, urban planning, and open space. Professor Zhu is also an award-winning designer. He has completed numerous awarded research and practical projects across China, from Beijing to GuangZhou.

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Professor Binyi Liu discusses ‘Three ways to apply landscape as urban infrastructure: Feng shui and the control’.


This session includes three expert presentations on BIM and GIS.

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