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6. Stakeholder Engagement Planning for the Landscape Professional


Understanding your stakeholders (including your customers/clients) helps you to decide how best to work with them. This session covers a range of stakeholder engagement techniques including reasons to engage, stakeholder analysis, mailings and events, and evaluation. There will be practical examples to show how stakeholder engagement can be scaled up from a single business to a national government consultation, such as the Environment Agency’s Water Environment Consultation (Challenges and Choices) which begins in October 2019. 

Suzanne Bennett

Suzanne Bennett is Senior Engagement Advisor for The Environment Agency, as part of the National Integrated Water Planning Directorate. She leads on engagement planning for England’s strategic water quality plans up until 2027. Suzanne’s career in national, regional and local government has included a secondment to the Defra policy team, working on the EU-exit related Seasonal Agricultural Labour Scheme, working as a Communications Manager for a district council, and Press Officer for a number of Whitehall Departments.

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